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Laura Notton

Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Sound-Based Stress Reduction Services

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"For over 23 years I have witnessed how the power of connection transforms us"

Laura Notton

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Working Together

Often we seek therapy because something in our life is not working for us. We are overwhelmed. We’re unsure of how to manage our relationships. We want to change patterns that no longer serve us. It takes courage to explore our inner world of thoughts and feelings. I am a skilled and compassionate therapist who has supported hundreds of clients on their healing journey—learning new ways to cope with stress and navigate emotional reactions and relationships. Reliable support is an essential ingredient in overcoming the hurdles we face in life.

I have 23 years of counselling experience and am honored to do this work. My technique is grounded in traditional talk therapy, mindfulness, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy; which is a body-centered approach that aims to treat the somatic symptoms of unresolved trauma. In addition, I have training in Cognitive Behaviour therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Bioenergetic Therapy, Parts Work, Sound Therapy as well as Restorative Yoga.

By working together, we develop tangible goals for therapy; providing an ongoing evaluation of the therapeutic process, ensuring you are satisfied with the progress. Whether you are facing questions from the past or need new strategies to live fully in the present moment, I can help. Figuring life out on your own can be a challenge sometimes, so let's talk. I offer both virtual and in-person therapy sessions and I look forward to working with you

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