My name is Jordan O'Connor. I'm an associate therapist. (See below to find out more about me.)

Central to my approach is the belief that within each of us is a great deal of wisdom. By talking with a therapist a space is created to work through the challenges that brought you to therapy.

About Me

My background is in the arts. I've worked as a musician and composer for over 30 years, and as filmmaker for over 15 years. As a musician I've been a collaborator, as a composer I've articulated deep emotions, as a video editor I've worked to honour each person's experience. You are not alone. This is what I bring to my work as a therapist: the values of Collaboration, Emotional Awareness, and Respect for each person’s perspectives and experiences.

Currently I am completing a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology. I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) in Ontario with the CRPO as well a member of the CCPA. I am extremely fortunate to be completing my practicum under the supervision of Laura Notton, RSW/MSW.

You are not alone

Some reasons to see a therapist are practical: Perhaps you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Maybe you want to develop a strong sense of boundaries? Perhaps you’ve experienced a deep loss or change in your life? Maybe you feel isolated or numb? Perhaps you struggle with conflict and saying what’s important to you? Maybe you are struggling with matters of addiction, either you or someone close to you? Or maybe you find yourself “flying off the handle” without warning? Or you are afraid to say what you feel because you doubt anyone will hear you? Perhaps you’re looking for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose? You are not alone. I can be a helpful guide through uncertain times.

About the Process

My approach to therapy is to create a safe space to explore what’s on your mind. We explore the options and realties of what you’re going through. We lay out a path forward. And with each step, we observe and discuss what’s working and what’s not.

Two Approaches

Broadly speaking there are two ways to work with a therapist: Supportive counselling and the “deep dive.” Supportive counselling helps the individual to develop skills and techniques to manage difficult situations. The “deep-dive” is about identifying patterns in the here and now. My approach is to draw upon both. There are times when you want to focus on breaking a habit or pattern and times when you want to explore how these have influenced you over time. The key here is you choose.

To see if I’m a good fit for you, I offer a free consultation.

Free 25 Minute Consultation

I offer a free 25 minute consultation. This consultation is an opportunity for you to share a little about what brings you to therapy, to see if we have a rapport, if the direction we discuss is meaningful to you, and to answer any questions you have.